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Nothing certain, but death and taxes. Well, we would also add customs.

The continuing process of taxation and customs improvement with numerous amendments to the laws each time discovers new gaps, laps and ambiguity, which brings permanent conflict between interests of private business and tax and customs authorities to a new level.

We apply the Know Your Customer principle to each area of our practice. This approach is, definitely, fundamental to display efficient business solutions on tax structuring and arrangements, as well as to mitigate kickers during export and import operations.

We offer to our Clients certainty with:

  • advice on taxation and tax structuring,
  • advice on customs clearance,
  • assistance in completing tax reporting,
  • assistance in completing customs declarations,
  • support the Clients during tax audits,
  • appealing tax audit reports and tax invoices,
  • appealing customs decisions (customs value of the goods, classification of the goods etc.)

Still thinking of “death and taxes” matter?
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