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Labour Law

Global trend "no-work-no-business" comes into action! We believe that mutual satisfaction benefits to everyone! Representing those who hire and others who is hired we have strong ability to anticipate and prevent the conflict, as well as to ensure the Client’s interests in any disputable matter by:

  • legal due diligence of HR documents,
  • advising on staff leasing,
  • advising on HR restructuring (including CEO replacements and lay-offs),
  • drafting labour contracts and bargaining agreements, NDAs and financial liability contracts,
  • drafting job descriptions, internal regulations (on financial liability, confidentiality etc.)
  • representing the Client in collective bargaining,
  • representing the Client in labour disputes (salary payment, compensation of damages, employment reinstatement etc.), as well as IP-related disputes
  • representing the Client in criminal proceedings against employees (fraud, waste, abuse, damages etc.)

About to loose aim among labour regulations?
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