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Bankruptcy & Closing Business

Global trends show negative impact on many businesses, including, market-leaders and discover material adverse changes and sound losses. These all resulted in suspension of commercial activity of a number of local units of many international companies and holdings.

We understand that leading companies track their expenses and implement business-optimization processes which induces company restructuring and closing ineffective units.

Our legal services related to the closing business and company's liquidation, inter alia, include:

  • determining the legal procedure to close a business
  • advising on tax aspects
  • advising on labor aspects (lay-off, releasing employees and CEO, dispute resolution etc.)
  • advising on sale of a business
  • drafting and authorization of the shareholders’ decision
  • registering of the decision at the Registration Office
  • notifying tax authorities on liquidation
  • enforcing receivables and handling public audits (tax office, social funds, pension fund)
  • completing liquidation act
  • registering the liquidation at the Registration Office

Since 2002 and with its peak during post-2008 crisis period, our team members obtained substantial experience in the area of anti-crisis management and closing the business.

Our Clients are major foreign and national market leaders, trans-national blue chips, financial and strategic investors, private equity funds and investment banks headquartered domestically and abroad.

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