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"It is not easy to follow all tax regulations and we came to AiG Team at the last minute. Their advice, promptness and expertise were more than we expected. We praise them as effective legal counsel." - K.P.


 "We appreciate helping us to bring to an end the long battle with our borrower and we are happy with the outcome. AiG Team worked hard and steadfastly believed in success."A.P.


"As a company operating in Eastern Europe, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the AiG Team. They helped us to sort out complexity of antitrust national regulations of CIS region. They gave us amazing guidance!" - S.D.


"The AiG Law Firm is very reliable. They dealt with our debt issue very ethically, kindly and professionally. We believe they represented us better than anyone else could have."G.S.


"AiG Team is a unique blend of rigorous and seasoned professionals. They went above and beyond our project scope and provided us with valuable resources for IT related topics. I appreciated AiG’s advice coming always on time. Best wishes going forward!" - A.C.


"AiG Team worked on our acquisition project with compassion and genuine caring. They think outside the box and are very creative. They do what they say they will do and were always on our side. Most of all, thanks for being a frank, honest and kind friend through the process." - K.M.


"After long negotiations on the debt it was a relief to entrust the process to AiG Team. We appreciate the competence of AiG’s advice and efficiency of resolving a time-sensitive issue. We highly recommend their services to prospective clients." - L.S.


"As AiG client we always feel welcomed, respected and valued. They were very thorough in updating our commercial agreements and HR documentation. The advice was very professional: everyone was receptive, the process was well defined and predictable. Thanks." - N.P.