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Our Core Team


Tatyana Kuzmenko

Phone: +38 044 578 0 558
Cell:    +38 067 447 33 80

Ask me about: Banking&Finance, Tax&Customs, IT&Data Protection, as well as Restructuring&Insolvency, Bankruptcy&Closing Business

Key Facts about Tatyana:

  • Partner of AiG Law Firm, head of Banking&Finance practice
  • Tatyana practices law more than 15 years in international law firms
  • Tatyana holds Postgraduate Diploma of London University in Finance and Financial Law
  • She holds a master degree (magna cum laude) of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2003
  • For more than 10 years Tatyana contributes her expertise to the World Bank's projects

1. What is the most complex thing in the career?

Frankly speaking, one of the tough moments in my career is competition. Whether you compete with your colleague or peer firm – it is always hard-fought to leave them behind.
It is also difficult to be a frontrunner who is ready to lead the team to a distant prospect despite obstacles and resistance. Luckily, the skills of our staff are strong to overcome any forthcoming challenge and they are focused on the same idea as you are.

2. What is the proudest thing in the career?

The most satisfying thing in my career is facilitating business. No matter whether there are complicated financial transactions, M&As, litigation or just a business registration – business shall benefit from engaging lawyers. I admire solving a problem and reinstating balance between interests and justice.
The most pleasant thing in my career is developing the flow of new thinking and innovative approaches. Our Clients inevitably are the part of these innovations.
And the proudest thing in my career is the great team of talented professionals who are passionate about law and justice.


Yulia Yashenkova

Phone: +38 044 578 0 558
Cell:    +38 063 478 474 1

Ask me about: Commercial, Labour and Corporate Law, as well as Banking&Finance, Tax&Customs

Key Facts about Yulia:

  • Counsel of AiG Law Firm, head of Tax&Customs practice
  • Yulia practices law for more than 10 years and over 8 of them in international law firms
  • She holds her master dergree with honours at the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine and her specialist degree with honors at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
  • Yulia writes legal analytics and was awarded among TOP-10 best authors by Yurist&Zakon (Lawyer&Law), 2014
  • She continuously contribues to the World Bank's projects

1. What is the most complex thing in the career?

Well, for sure, to be qualified and keep yourself up to date. The world with its new technologies and approaches forges ahead. And the needs of businesses go with the times. Thus, it requires strong passion to what you do to timely react to all legal changes and to keep the brain flexible to adapt to the Clients' proscpects in the changing world.

2. What is the proudest thing in the career?

Many people think that legal services is just another kind of money-production business. But for me rendering services stands first! I provide the services of the quality I would like to receive myself. I do really care of my Clients! And feel the feeback of their appreciation.
When a Client comes with new challenhing objects the key target is to focus on “how yes” instead of “why not”! Well, finding and even inventing such "yeses" is the most satisfying thing.
I very good remember my first face-to-face meeting with one of long-term corporate Clients. When he entered into the conference room he was surprised: 'You are at least 10 years younger than I though, - and then added: But it's just a compliment to your expertise.' Until now I recognize it as one of my best awards!


Aleksander Melnyk

Phone: +38 044 578 0 558

Ask me about: Restructuring&Insolvency, Bankruptcy&Closing Business

Key Facts about Aleksander:

  • Associate at AiG Law Firm
  • Aleksander practices law and is the part of the team for more than 5 years
  • He holds his master dergree Kyiv National Economic University (named after Vadym Hetman)
  • Aleksander contribues to the World Bank's projects and is the author of a number of legal articles

1. What is the most complex thing in the career?

As for me, it is litigation. The imperfection of the legislation and judicial process is a quite complex issue to solve. If you have sound reasons and true evidence you still cannot clear predict the judicial scenario. You have to day-to-day improve your skills not to capably resist the opponents counte-actions only, but to anticipate the judicial obsticles.

2. What is the proudest thing in the career?

Well, litigation too! Sometimes to come into the process you have to pass seven circles of judicial hell in a quite simple case. But it is a true pleasure to see the result and the Client's satisfaction!
And it is also very relishing to meet in a courtroom a judge who is a true "His Hohour" knowing each small piece of your cliam and evidence and conducting the process as a real guru.