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AiG Law Firm Is An i-Generation Law Firm

To be honest, what are your questions about us? We bet, you wonder who we are and where we came from, how we can help you and how much it costs.

We are an i-generation law firm. What does it mean? We are nimble and forward-thinking with a mission: we want you to do better, to be smarter, to feel fitter!

Our core team has been working together since 2008. It means that our firm is designed to operate as one.

Since then we have handled thousands legal case-projects, developed hundreds of efficient strategies, provided dozens of out-of-line decisions, because each of our Client is one in a million.

We have remarkable background in providing overall legal support to our Clients. We offer legal services in such areas as banking&finance, tax&customs, litigation, commercial, corporate and labour law, insolvensy and IT-practice. Just tell us what and we will find how! Learn More>> 

As an i-generation law firm we are fast and innovative in rendering services. Being transperant for our Clients, we are result driven and dedicated to quality in stead of process and quantity. Learn More>>

It's simple like ABC: Have AiM? Need AiD? Go AiG